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Sweden’s top congress for dental hygienists to take place in Karlstad, Sweden on April 23-25 – Lumoral method to be showcased at the event

Sweden’s top congress for dental hygienists to take place in Karlstad, Sweden on April 23-25 – Lumoral method to be showcased at the event

More than 700 registered dental hygienists have signed up for the annual TandhygienistDagarna (The Dental Hygienist Days) event in Sweden, Karlstad to hear the latest news from the dental industry. During the event,  Lumoral will also be presented to the participating oral health specialists.

Lumoral is one of the most important periodontal product launches on the market.

- We want to reach all dental hygienists in our country. The interest in Lumoral is extremely high in Sweden, we have received many invitations to the dental hygienists' own regional meetings around the country as well, says Market Manager Helen Huttunen, Koite Health Oy, Sweden. 

- The event provides a great opportunity to meet experts and colleagues in the field of dentistry. We get a lot of feedback from professionals who share amazing stories of how their patients have recovered with Lumoral's help. This is very encouraging.

Huttunen points out that current dental products are not sufficient for daily cleaning. According to studies, even the best electric toothbrush removes only about 60% of the harmful bacteria in the mouth.

- Even after brushing plaque remains around the gum line, crowns and bridges. The remaining plaque is difficult to access with a toothbrush, an interdental brush or with flossing, creating oral health problems.

- Dental hygienists have a great responsibility for the patient's oral health.  Patients have full confidence in their dental hygienist and their knowledge of oral health, so it is important that new methods such as Lumoral reach everyone in the profession, says Huttunen.

Periodontal disease is the sixth most common disease in the world. Between 20 and 30% of all implant patients develop peri-implantitis.

- These are huge numbers. People are getting older and this places increasing demands on dentistry. Lumoral as a self-care product can really help the older generation who may have motor problems or difficulty going to the dentist as often as they would actually need to.

The Lumoral method is easy to use.    

- After a visit to the dental hygienist, the patient's mouth is often very clean and fresh. But on the day the patient returns to the dental hygienist for the next visit, the oral hygiene status is back to square one. It is at home where the most important oral cleaning takes place and that is where the patient very often falls short. Lumoral offers an excellent solution to this problem.


The Swedish Society of Periodontology and Implantology set to host “Midvinterskurs” -event for dentistry professionals

The Swedish Society of Periodontology and Implantology set to host “Midvinterskurs” -event for dentistry professionals

The Swedish Society of Periodontology and Implantology is preparing to host its annual meeting for members coinciding with a two-day seminar event on 19. – 20.1.2023 in Gothenburg, Sweden. At the event, Finnish health tech company Koite Health Oy will also be present to demonstrate its Lumoral innovation that has already revolutionized Finland’s preventive dental care market.

At the event, current topics related to periodontology and implantology will be discussed to bring new insight to dentistry professionals in both specialist fields as well as to general dentists and dental hygienists.  

On the second day of the event, the Head of the Division of Reconstructive Dentistry at the Osteology Foundation in Zurich, Switzerland, Daniel Thoma, will hold a presentation: “Why ridge preservation simplifies implant therapy and reduces patient morbidity.” Meanwhile, Professor and Doctor in dental surgical medicine, Sofia Aroca, is scheduled to hold her presentation “State of the art in soft tissue management around teeth.” 

The Swedish association is member of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) – a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting awareness of periodontal science and the importance of gum health for oral-health professionals and the public. The EFP is a federation of 37 national periodontal societies representing more than 16,000 periodontists, dentists, researchers, and oral-health professionals in Europe and around the world. 

Koite Health is a Finnish health tech company whose expert team consists of experienced doctors and technology experts. Founders Sakari Nikinmaa and Tommi Pätilä founded the company in September 2018 with the help of the Biodesign project and the commercialization project funded by Business Finland and Aalto University.   

Lumoral, developed by the company, is a teeth cleaning device based on dual light therapy that is used in addition to regular tooth brushing. The device is suitable for everyone, but especially beneficial for those with cavities or gingivitis. Lumoral has been scientifically developed, and its antibacterial effect is well established. Lumoral is a class II medical and CE approved device. 

Finnish health technology company Koite Health expands to Sweden, signs Lumoral® partnership with Aqua Dental dental chain

Finnish health technology company Koite Health expands to Sweden, signs Lumoral® partnership with Aqua Dental dental chain

Finnish health technology company Koite Health Oy has signed a cooperation agreement with Swedish dental chain Aqua Dental Ab. The partnership will enable around twenty Aqua Dental clinics across Stockholm and Gothenburg to offer Lumoral, the latest technology on the market for improved oral health self-care, to their patients. 

Meticulous dental self-care is the basis for the prevention and treatment of gum diseases such as periodontitis. Effective mechanical tooth brushing and flossing is, however, usually not enough. 

Lumoral treatment enhances dental self-care, especially when traditional self-care is not sufficient or when an existing oral disease requires more drastic measures than just brushing and flossing alone. 

Lumoral puts clinic-level care in the patient's own hands 

Research shows that Lumoral's antibacterial aPDT phototherapy effectively eliminates harmful oral bacteria while also treating advanced gum disease. Similar light-activated antibacterial treatments have been used in the past, for example in dental clinics. However, the problem has been the cost and the required frequency of these treatments to provide sufficient benefit.  

Koite Health brings a clinic-level treatment method into the hands of its customers. The Lumoral device has also recently been recommended by the Finnish Association of Dental Hygienists. 

Lumoral has shown promising results both clinically and at the advanced molecular level, says Nilminie Rathnayake, Specialist Dentist and Training Manager, Periodontology at Aqua Dental. 

According to Rathnayake, patients of Aqua Dental clinics have long wished they could improve their everyday dental self-care. 

The fact that we can recommend Lumoral as a complement to oral self-care seems promising, as research results show that Lumoral has helped achieve excellent results. 

The new collaboration will enable the Swedish dental chain to improve patients' oral health and satisfaction by giving them the opportunity to take control of their oral health by including Lumoral in their daily dental care at home. 

I believe that this type of daily oral hygiene supplement will mainly help patients with oral diseases such as periodontitis or peri-implantitis. The Aqua Dental chain aims to provide its patients with the best current care for oral diseases. We believe that the partnership agreement with Koite Health is one way of providing our patients with the best possible care. 

A differentiating factor for partner clinics 

According to Sakari Nikinmaa, CEO of Koite Health, the benefits of the partnership agreement are mutual. 

By working together, we can improve the quality of dental care and give patients the best possible treatment experience and outcomes. Aqua Dental offers its patients a first-class patient experience and level of dental care, which combines perfectly with Lumoral's uniqueness and efficiency, says Nikinmaa. 

According to Nikinmaa, the collaboration will be reflected in joint marketing campaigns in Sweden during the autumn to increase the visibility of Lumoral treatment and awareness of its availability at Aqua Dental clinics. 

Our staff will also actively educate the clinic staff on the latest research findings, so that they are aware of the latest technologies and have the best knowledge available to treat patients. 

Sakari Nikinmaa, CEO of Koite Health

Niklas Virta, CEO of Aqua Dental, says the new partnership is proof that Aqua Dental is always striving to improve the dental care it offers and wants to be at the forefront of new treatment methods. 

With Lumoral, we hope to help patients with various oral diseases in a modern and effective way. Research and development is close to our heart, and Lumoral is a means to both influence and prevent the inflammatory process. This is in line with our vision to promote oral and general health, says Virta. 

We at Aqua Dental look forward to working together. 

Niklas Virta, CEO of Aqua Dental

Helén Huttunen, Product Manager at Koite Health's Stockholm office, is pleased with the new partnership as it is another step towards much needed improvement in dental health in Sweden. 

Many people suffer daily from some form of bacterial infection in their mouths and poor oral health. To succeed in oral health care, we need to change our habits and get better tools. The link between oral health and heart problems or diabetes has serious consequences. That is why daily oral health is so important. Going to the dentist for annual check-ups is also very necessary, says Huttunen. 

According to Huttunen, the oral health situation in Sweden is challenging. The same is true in other Nordic countries, where waiting lists for dental services are long and public oral health resources are scarce. 

In northern Sweden, some patients must wait up to six years for treatment. If patients knew about Lumoral, they could treat themselves at home while waiting to see their dentist. In this way, they can reduce the risk of infection and caries and prevent tooth loss. I hope that all dentists will soon know about Lumoral. 

Huttunen points out that the ageing population also brings its own challenges in maintaining oral health. 

Dental implants and other dentures place high demands on the patient's own ability to keep their teeth clean, and this becomes more challenging with ageing. Eating and smiling are basic requirements for life! Lumoral brings great help to many people.