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Dental disease that many overlook – this is what you should check for

Dental disease that many overlook – this is what you should check for

An untreated inflammation in the gums can eventually lead to periodontitis. Yet, many people overlook the symptoms of gingivitis, as it is also called. Here are the signs you should be on the lookout for - and the best tips for healthy gums.

Plaque, the bacterial buildup on teeth, causes 95 percent of all oral diseases. Gingivitis is no exception.

- Gingivitis is an inflammation that affects the dental tissue, i.e., the gums. It occurs because the harmful bacteria that we all have in our mouths have not been sufficiently removed, allowing them to grow, says Ing-Marie Albinsson, a dental hygienist at the Lilla Tandkronan clinic in Arvika.

The immune system responds to the bacteria by sending more white blood cells to the area. Blood flow increases, causing the gums to swell.

- Unfortunately, in this case, it has a somewhat undesired effect. The bacteria that caused the inflammation thrive especially well in an oxygen-poor environment, and protected by the swollen gums, they can grow even more, says Ing-Marie Albinsson.

The first sign of gingivitis is thus swollen gums, something that is not always easy to detect. The next step is that the gums become even more inflamed and start bleeding. At first, it occurs infrequently, but gradually more often and due to lighter strains.

- If it bleeds every time you brush your teeth or, for example, bite into an apple, then the inflammation has progressed relatively far, says Ing-Marie Albinsson.

Choose the right tool

The most important step to combat gingivitis is cleaning - both on and between the teeth.

- With the toothbrush, you only reach the free surfaces, such as the outside, inside, and chewing surfaces. But between the teeth, we need to use other tools, such as interdental brushes or dental floss, says Albinsson.

The choice of tool depends on the size of the gaps between the teeth. And how to use it is just as crucial.

- A large part of our treatment for patients with advanced gingivitis is education by the dental hygienist. If you don't use the right tool correctly, the effect is lacking, says Albinsson.

Dual Light treatment is effective

Succeeding in the treatment of gingivitis is incredibly important - because if it is not done, the consequences can be serious.

- If the bacteria continue to grow, they begin to grow downward, which can create deep pockets. Through them, the bacteria can eventually also reach the threads holding the teeth and attack them. This leads to periodontitis, says Albinsson.

To avoid this, Ing-Marie recommends a complementary treatment with the Finnish innovation Lumoral, which removes 99.9 percent of the harmful bacteria in our mouths through a patented light treatment. 

- When we brush our teeth, 65 percent of the bacteria disappear. With Lumoral, you get a completely different result. The method is easy to use and is especially effective for those who already have problems. But it can also be used preventively, both to stay healthy and to reduce the costs of future dental care, says Albinsson.

This is Lumoral

The Lumoral method removes microscopic plaque from the surface of teeth and gums, slows down the formation of new plaque, and delays the onset of tartar. Its effect is based on the light-activated Lumorinse mouthrinse. The treatment targets its antibacterial effect only on plaque and thus benefits the normal bacterial flora in the mouth. Lumoral is a CE-marked medical device.

Lumoral consists of a mint-flavored mouthrinse, Lumorinse, used in combination with the special mouthpiece. The treatment eliminates the ability of plaque to stick to the surfaces of teeth so that teeth become clean and teeth surfaces  smooth.

The at-home treatment takes 10 minutes and is recommended once or twice a week.

Lumoral Junior

For children, there is Lumoral Junior. The Lumoral Junior mouthpiece is suitable for children between 4 and 12 years old. From the age of 12, the Lumoral mouthpiece for adults is generally suitable for a child to use. To use Lumoral, the child should be able to rinse his or her mouth with a mouthrinse.

Koite Health Teams Up with 8 Media Ventures to Accelerate Growth in the Nordic Markets

Koite Health Teams Up with 8 Media Ventures to Accelerate Growth in the Nordic Markets

Koite Health, an innovator in the oral health tech space, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with 8 Media Ventures, a leading Nordic media-for-equity company. This partnership will harness television, radio, print, and digital advertising to fuel Koite Health's expansion, reinforcing its brand and broadening its reach across Finland and Sweden.

Since its innovative product launch in 2020, Koite Health has revolutionized oral healthcare with Lumoral®, the world’s first antibacterial photodynamic treatment designed for home use.  Lumoral's pioneering LED technology, paired with its light-activated, antibacterial Lumorinse mouthwash, safely and effectively curtails bacterial growth on teeth and gums. To date, over 15,000 Lumorals have been sold, with 50,000 treatments administered monthly.

Sakari Nikinmaa, CEO of Koite Health, remarked, "Lumoral, launched in 2020, addresses the urgent global need for treatments against bacteria-based dental diseases. This year, we've marked our presence in countries like Germany, Italy, Denmark, and the UK, with upcoming launches planned in France, Poland, Portugal, and the USA. Our collaboration with 8 Media Ventures aims to further our growth in the Nordics and fuel our current success even more rapidly”.

Echoing this sentiment, Sami Vikback, CEO of 8 Media Ventures, stated, "We're excited to collaborate with Koite Health, a true disruptor in the oral health tech sector. Lumoral®’s impact and potential in redefining oral health is evident, and we're eager to champion their growth together with the team of Koite Health."

Koite Health's partnership with 8 Media Ventures will bolster both its footprint in the Swedish market and amplify brand visibility in Finland and Sweden

In Sweden, Koite Health will leverage the extensive networks of Bonnier News. Paul Brandenfeldt, Sales Director at Bonnier News, commented, "Our alliance with Koite Health is strategic. The resonance between our readers and Koite's target audience is significant, and we're eager to witness the results."