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HIDES 34th National Congress in Spain Acknowledges Award-Winning Lumoral Study Poster

HIDES 34th National Congress in Spain Acknowledges Award-Winning Lumoral Study Poster

On October 27th and 28th, the Spanish Federation of Dental Hygienists (HIDES) hosted its 34th National Congress in Valladolid, Spain. The event attracted around 300 attendees, including dental hygienists, sponsors, and international speakers. At the congress, Gianfranco Panzironi, a Lumoral consultant, received an award for his poster presentation on the science and advantages of home-use antibacterial Lumoral therapy.

The purpose of the poster was to explain and disseminate the mechanism of action of photodynamic therapy. I initially introduced the topic telling how photodynamic therapy was discovered by Oscar Raab in 1900. Then, I examined and described the method Lumoral in all its features, explains Gianfranco Panzironi, a researcher, oral hygienist, and lecturer.

In the poster, Panzironi explained the science behind home-use antibacterial Lumoral therapy: for instance, what is role of using indocyanine green as a photosensitiser is in the Lumoral treatment. He also highlighted the significance of the simultaneous 405 nm and 810 nm LED light in the Lumoral device for its bactericidal properties.

My presentation led to many questions, especially regarding the origin of the Lumoral innovation. Winning the poster competition prize brings me great joy, and I'm grateful to Lumoral for their support and the continuous inspiration they've provided since the beginning, Mr Panzironi notes.

At the event’s Lumoral stand, Koite Health Ltd. Chief Commercial Officer (COO) Tero Pasanen was present explaining to oral health specialists together with Mr Panzironi how antibacterial Lumoral method works and how it enhances oral home care.

The atmosphere at the two-day event was friendly and full of enthusiasm, Mr. Panzironi says.

– The presence of Lumoral was something truly new and it caught the attention of visitors. Being a Finnish innovation further heightened curiosity due to Finland's reputation for scientific advancements and oral hygiene emphasis.

Periodontal disease affects many

Numerous dental hygienists visited the Lumoral stand, with their primary interest centered on the green Lumorinse mouthwash in the measuring cup and the active dual-light device. Meanwhile, more experienced colleagues asked for information especially on indication for use and clinical protocols. A common question was how to purchase the starter kit and Lumorinse mouthwash product.

– Mr. Tero Pasanen and I received many thanks and compliments from young dental hygiene students because we have allowed them to learn about a new technology applied to dental prevention. As young students are the future of the oral health profession, it is important for them to learn the latest technologies and procedures that they can't find in the classic textbooks, Mr. Panzironi highlights.

The Dental Council of Spain reports that periodontal disease impacts 25.5% of adults aged 35-44, with a higher prevalence of 33% among those aged 65-74. Dental caries remains a concern in Spain, affecting 35% of young people aged 6-17.

– In my opinion, in the recent years there has been a greater attention to oral hygiene in Spain and this is also due to the presence on market of oral care products from international brands, Mr. Panzironi says.

The National Congress organized by HIDES is held annually in a different city of Spain attracting visitors from all over the country. The next 35th HIDES National Congress will take place on 4-5 October 2024 in Oviedo and will be hosted by HIDES Asturias.










Lumoral on display at Spanish health events, including Oral Hygienists' Convention

Lumoral on display at Spanish health events, including Oral Hygienists' Convention

Finnish health technology company Koite Health Oy will present its Lumoral innovation at the Spanish National Congress of Oral Hygienists (Congreso Nacional de Higienistas Bucodentales y 1º Encuentro Europeo), which will take place for the 34th time this year, from 27.10.-29.10.2023.

Following this event, Lumoral will also be featured at the 1st Galician Multidisciplinary Congress for higher-level healthcare technicians (1st Congresso Gallego Multidisciplinar) on 4 November 2023, in the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela.

At the Spanish National Congress of Oral Hygienists, oral healthcare professionals will learn about the latest dental innovations, including latest techniques that improve dental and gum health. Koite Health's Commercial Director Tero Pasanen will be present to tell participants about the benefits of Lumoral in oral health maintenance and in the prevention and treatment of oral diseases.

- Professionalism is always a safe and profitable investment. That is why, through our association, we want to share the knowledge and accumulated scientific expertise of the best national and international professionals with all oral hygienists in Spain, said Eva López de Castro, President of the 34th National Congress of Oral Hygienists and First European Meeting.

The 1st Galician Multidisciplinary Congress for higher-level healthcare technicians is a multidisciplinary event aimed at healthcare professionals, including dental hygienists and prosthetists, as well as higher-level health technicians. At the event, Lumoral partner Gianfranco Panzironi will explain to the visitors how the antibacterial Lumoral method works, the science behind the product, and how Lumoral is designed to enhance oral home care for the prevention and treatment of gum diseases and dental caries.

Growth potential in Spain

Spain is an attractive market for Koite Health due to its robust private dental sector.

Based on the feedback received, Spanish oral health experts, particularly oral hygienists, display great interest in Lumoral for preventing oral diseases. Tero Pasanen said.

-To reinforce this image, we are currently taking part in oral health professionals' events and will gradually expand to include medical events in the country.

According to Pasanen, the main objective of the upcoming event for dental hygienists is to find Spanish oral health contacts with whom Koite Health can start a broader collaboration. These contacts can support the subsequent broader launch and marketing of Lumoral in Spain.

In Spain, more than half of the adult population have gingivitis and almost 40% have periodontal disease in their mouths, so there is a significant need for preventive oral health care in the country. The control of oral biofilm, or dental plaque, is crucial to prevent oral diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis and tooth decay. However, studies have shown that even a high-quality electric toothbrush only removes around 65% of harmful bacteria in the mouth.

The antibacterial Lumoral treatment enhances the effects of the toothbrush, and studies show that it also significantly improves the results of professional oral care in a preventative way. Lumoral slows down plaque formation, significantly reducing the burden of harmful bacteria in the mouth (3).


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