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Lumoral now available through a well-known Swedish Pharmacy Chain

Lumoral now available through a well-known Swedish Pharmacy Chain

The Lumoral oral care device, developed by Koite Health Oy, is now part of the selection at Apotek Hjärtat e-pharmacy in Sweden. This launch extends Lumoral's availability in the largest consumer market area in the Nordics.

Lumoral offers targeted elimination of harmful bacteria from dental plaque and treats oral inflammations. According to research, Lumoral therapy effectively eradicates harmful oral bacteria, including advanced gum disease. Similar light-activated antibacterial treatments have been utilized in dental clinics, but challenges such as the high cost and frequency of application have limited their widespread adoption.

Over the past year, Lumoral has expanded to several new European markets, including Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Denmark. The company continues to open new markets and constantly forges new distribution partnerships in in their already established market areas.

"Our goal at Koite Health is to offer the best possible customer experience and easy access to Lumoral and Lumorinse products. The launch at Apotek Hjärtat is crucial for us to be able to offer service and products throughout Sweden," commented Sakari Nikinmaa, CEO of Koite Health Oy.

Pharmacies serve as a reliable source of information on medication and health-related matters.

"Therefore, it is natural for us at Koite that Lumoral, the world's most innovative and clinically proven oral health solution, is available in pharmacies across Sweden," Nikinmaa continued.

In Sweden, as elsewhere in Europe, there is a growing demand for efficient and user-friendly health products.

"We already see rapid growth in Lumoral sales with hundreds of new users every month. Collaboration with pharmacies will further enhance sales as we work with a leading local pharmacy chain to strengthen product availability, education, and marketing," said Helen Huttunen, responsible for Koite Health Oy's market in Sweden.

"Oral health is extremely important for overall health, not just for oral health. Simplicity and availability increase people's interest and continuity in maintaining oral health. Now that Lumoral is easily accessible through the Apotek Hjärtat chain, interest naturally grows even further," Huttunen concluded.

During the initial phase of the launch, Lumoral products will be accessible through Apotek Hjärtat's online store. 


About Koite Health

Koite Health is a Finnish health technology company that has revolutionized Finnish oral health care with its dual-light therapy-based innovation. The company's expert team consists of experienced physicians and technology experts. The founders of the company, Sakari Nikinmaa, Tommi Pätilä, and Juha Rantala, established Koite Health in September 2018 as part of significant medical innovation commercialization projects funded by Business Finland and Aalto University. Koite Health was named one of Europe's top health technology companies in the Tech Tour 22 competition.

The Lumoral developed by the company is a teeth-cleaning device used in addition to regular teeth brushing. The device is suitable for everyone but is particularly important for those with cavities or gum inflammation. Lumoral is scientifically developed, and its antibacterial efficacy is well established. Lumoral is a Class II medical device and CE approved.