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Koite Health to showcase its Lumoral innovation at Italy’s Expodental Meeting

Koite Health to showcase its Lumoral innovation at Italy’s Expodental Meeting

Finnish health tech group Koite Health – named one of Europe’s hottest startup companies in 2022 – is proud to join the Expodental Meeting event in Rimini, Italy, on 18— 20 May 2023. Together Koite Health and Megagen Italia will present the Lumoral-method to the Italian market. Lumoral is an innovative technology designed to enhance oral home care for the prevention and treatment of gum diseases and dental caries.

Koite Health recently signed a distribution accord with Megagen Italia – a company, which markets cutting-edge dental implant systems and advanced surgical devices. As a kickoff to the new collaboration, both companies will be present at the Expodental Meeting.

The global dental implants market is flourishing because of a growing prevalence of dental diseases and tooth loss, an aging population, and the rapid adoption of technology advancements and digital technologies, such as computer-aided design and 3D printing, in dental implant materials and design. In Italy, dental implants are also very common.

According to Mr. Federico Annoni from Megagen Italia, the implant market is constantly growing in Italy due to the rapidly aging population and because many people neglect their oral health. This contributes to the loss of natural teeth. Thus, the use of implants is necessary.

Oral home care is very important for the health of dental implants, he adds. Proper oral hygiene combined with regular use of Lumoral could be decisive in preventing periodontitis and peri-implantitis.

Megagen will participate at the Expodental Meeting with two stands – one exclusively dedicated to Megagen products (A3 - Stand 30) and another devoted solely to Lumoral (C3 - Stand 187) where specialists from both Megagen Italia and Koite Health will be present.



Facts: Global Dental Implants Market

• 50 million implants have been inserted globally so far, while 10 million new implants are being inserted in patients' mouths each year. Maintaining the health of implants is crucial.

• Peri-implantitis is a serious gum disease that impacts the health of implants and can lead to loss of them, if left untreated. Despite impressive success rates, one implant is still lost every four minutes, which translates into 140,000 cases per year.

• Around 50% of implant patients will develop peri-implant mucositis over time. Approximately one-third of all patients will develop clinically manifested peri-implantitis.

(Source: Dentognostics)