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Lumoral starter kit


Lumoral starter kit


Take your oral hygiene to a new level with the most effective mouthwash on the market. The first light-activated mouth rinse targets its antibacterial effect only on the plaque, leaving your oral flora unharmed.

Lumoral removes microscopic plaque, slows down the formation of new plaque and thus slows down the formation of tartar.

It effectively prevents gingivitis, periodontitis and tooth decay. If you suffer from gum disease, Lumoral improves your home care when used in addition to mechanical cleaning.

Lumoral improves gum health by promoting tissue metabolism.

Regular use brings out the natural whiteness of your teeth and removes discolouration. Use the Lumoral method before brushing the teeth and cleaning the interdental spaces.

Lumoral method Lumoral is an extensively researched, effective and safe method. With only twice a week use of Lumoral, you'll achieve ultra-clean teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath. You will feel the difference just after the very first use. 

  • CE marked Class IIa medical device.
  • Potent antibacterial effect for regular use
  • Supports healthy oral microbiome
  • Aalto University Innovation of the Year Award 2017

100% satisfaction guarantee! 

If you do not feel the benefit of the Lumoral method, you can return the product within 30 days. We offer a full refund of the product.

Starter Pack includes

Lumoral device
Lumorinse tablets, 10 pcs.
Measuring cup
Instructions for use