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Enhanced biofilm control with Lumoral®

Successful home care is essential in the treatment of oral disease. Sustained results are achieved only by effective management and plaque control.

Lumoral®, an antibacterial photodynamic therapy solution for home use, can improve gum health and plaque control on people with bacteria-caused oral diseases, and support health care providers in motivating patients for oral hygiene. It reduces early gingivitis, reduces plaque formation and tartar formation, and prevents cavities. 

”Professional cleaning is only effective if patients clean their teeth thoroughly, and surgery is not recommended in those with poor oral hygiene” –Mario Sanz, The Chair of Perio Workshop 2019 

Lumoral – A new treatment method for bacteria caused oral diseases

1.The Lumoral antibacterial method is based on a photothermal and photodynamic effect. The light activates a photosensitive substance, initiating an antibacterial effect.

2. Affects only locally and does not interfere with the mouth’s bacterial flora. The active substance in Lumorinse, indocyanine green, attaches to the surface of the bacteria in the dental plaque. The antibacterial effect targets the plaque.

3. Significantly more efficient antibacterial action than any product on the market.

4. There is no resistance formation against Lumoral method. Lumoral method is equally effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

5. Lumoral has excellent bacteriological data over several years. Dentists have had an active role in the development of Lumoral since the beginning.


Indications of use – for the treatment of bacteria caused oral diseases.

√ Treatment of Periodontitis

√ Treatment of Peri-implantitis

√ Prevention of caries

√ Prevention of oral mucositis (Current Care Guidelines for clinical practise)


Treatment of Periodontitis 

Lumoral treatment is compliant with all stages I-IV of periodontal treatment guidelines. It maintains periodontal stability in all treated patients. By simply changing the dosage, we can turn a preventive tool into therapeutic intervention.

  • Lumoral is very effective against the bacteria associated with gingivitis, such as bacterium Porphyromonas gingivalis and Aggregatibacter Actinomycetemcomitans.
  • Lumoral treatment reduces gum bleeding and dental plaque, and tartar build-up.
  • The Lumoral method lowers the levels of the biomarker MMP-8 in the gingival pocket. (image1)

Image 1. Lumoral method lowers the levels of MMP-8 biomarker in the gingival pocket.


Treatment of peri-implantitis

  • Lumoral eliminates pathogenic bacteria from implant surface, reducing biofilm formation and tartar build-up.
  • Daily use of Lumoral resulted in statistically significant improvement in bleeding on probing, plaque index and MMP-8 levels with peri-implantitis patients.
  • Implants have a high risk of inflammation (6.6% -43%) 
  • Enhanced dental hygiene is key in keeping implants free of inflammation.
  • The antibacterial effect prevents inflammation of the soft tissue surrounding the implant.


Prevention of caries

  • Lumoral is very effective against Streptococcus mutans bacteria. (Image 2)
  • Significantly reduces the amount of plaque on the tooth surface and helps clean microscopic grooves in teeth that the toothbrush does not reach. Thus, it slows down the development of new plaque.
  • Lumoral significantly reduces the amount of acid-producing streptococcal bacteria from dental plaque. 

Image 2. Dual Light vs. aBL ja aPDT


Prevention of oral mucositis

Promotes healing: increases cellular metabolism, and reduces inflammation.

Wound healing:Increased levels of interleukin-1a, interleukin-8, and mRNA, vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), and TGF-β cytokine levels improve cell migration and proliferation.

Cell viability: Stimulates ATP production in cells (cytochrome C oxidase, porphyrins, flavoproteins).


Lumoral method is highly effective against odor producing anaerobic bacterial. Lumoral method improves the cleaning of biofilm in interdental spaces and removal of odor-producing anaerobic bacteria resulting in a fresh breath.

  • Lumoral improves the quality of oral hygiene.
  • Helps remove microscopic plaque.
  • The antimicrobial effect is against bacteria that cause gingivitis and caries.
  • Lumoral slows down plaque formation and prevents tartar formation.

Unique treatment features

Improved treatment results: Lumoral is the first solution for the treatment of periodontitis that improves patient’s home care.

It does not alter normal oral flora: Even in continuous use, Lumoral solution sustains the bacterial diversity in the mouth.

Suitable for regular use: The bacteria do not form a resistance against Lumoral treatment.

Unparallel antibacterial power: Lumoral outperforms all other antibacterial treatments for biofilm control.

Clinical results 

In studies we have shown that Lumoral’s ICG-based aPDT is effective and reduces the amount of known oral pathogens, with compensated bacterial growth in species associated with good oral health. The combined use of aBL light in synchrony with aPDT arrests the adaptation and provides significantly improved and sustained antibacterial efficacy.

The treatment can be applied specifically to dental plaque, and the anti-inflammatory effect prevents the development of early gingivitis. APDT treatment significantly reduced plaque amount and amount of tooth decay-causing bacteria in the biofilm. With peri-implantitis patients, intensive Lumoral treatment protocol of 2 weeks of daily use followed with 2 weeks of twice a day use resulted in statistically significant reduction in aMMP-8 levels, plaque index and bleeding on probing.

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