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Koite Health Expands in the Baltics; Signs Lumoral Agreement with Estonian dentistry product distributor

Koite Health Expands in the Baltics; Signs Lumoral Agreement with Estonian dentistry product distributor

Finnish health technology company Koite Health Oy has signed a distribution accord in March with Medshop OÜ, an Estonian distributor of premium quality dentistry products such as implantology and teeth whitening systems. Following the agreement, Medshop will offer Lumoral® – the latest technology for improved oral health self-care – to oral health professionals in Estonia as well as to the consumer market through its newly opened website.

Medshop was established in 2016 by two dentists – Mihhail Botšinski and Konstantin Loginov – who were looking for new premium-quality products for their own dental clinic in Estonia. 

– Our first partner was Medentis Medical GmbH, a German manufacturer of ICX Implantology systems. Now we have several partners worldwide, says Mari-Liis Järvesalu, CEO of Medshop.    

Medshop distributes high-quality products to dental clinics all over Estonia. These include BlancOne LED teeth whitening systems, Japanese Tokuyama Dental products, Danish Vela Medical dental chairs, and many other high-end brands. 

– Medishop is a fast-growing company, and our mission is to offer the best quality products for a fair price and quick delivery time. This year we opened a webshop for consumers who want to buy oral hygiene homecare products that have been recommended by their dentist, Järvesalu says. 

Järvesalu sees Lumoral as an interesting new product in the dentistry field that fits well with the company’s existing product portfolio.

– We wanted to represent Lumoral because it is something new and innovative. Our idea is to offer our customers interesting new products and technologies.  

Järvesalu has used the Lumoral method herself in addition to regular brushing and flossing and is happy with its results – a perfectly clean mouth with minimal effort.

– In general, we do not sell products without testing or without believing in them fully ourselves. Antibacterial PDT technology is a scientifically confirmed and well-known method used in the field of dentistry, so this was all clear to us how the Lumoral system works.

What does Mari-Liis Järvesalu expect the ongoing collaboration with Koite Health to bring her business and its customers?

– The most important thing in a partnership is trust and reliability. This means that if you have any questions regarding a product, it is important that you receive quick answers and support from the producer side.  We as distributors must give professional and quick support ourselves to our customers.  For us to be able to do this, we must receive good service from our producer. With Koite Health we are happy with our partnership, Järvesalu says.

Despite the relatively small population of Estonia – around 1.1. million – the number of dentists in the country per 1, 000 inhabitants is above the European average. According to Järvesalu, there is one dentist per 1,149 inhabitants in Estonia and about 450 dental clinics in the country. Moreover, clinical results show that every other Estonian has some sort of gum disease in their mouth. 

– We will sell the Lumoral product on our webshop and offer it to dental clinics.  Lumoral is especially beneficial to patients who have periodontitis, peri-implantitis, halitosis, and other gum problems that are caused by bacteria.      

– In terms of exact sales number, it is hard to estimate because Lumoral is a completely new and unique product in the Estonian market. It all depends on how fast we attract the users who need the product the most, Järvesalu concludes.