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Susanna from Lepaa uses Lumoral to support a healthy lifestyle

Susanna from Lepaa uses Lumoral to support a healthy lifestyle

Susa Vehmas, a mother from Lepaa, purchased Lumoral as soon as it was released. Growing evidence links dental health to general health, and a major factor behind the decision was the concern of having an increased risk of developing cancer.

Photo: Marko Nevanperä

"I have been interested in medicine and human physiology most of my life because intestinal cancer runs in my family. My brother had intestinal cancer, and my mother died of the disease. In the 80s, when I was very young, I read somewhere that eating meat, among other things, is likely to increase the risk of developing intestinal cancer. I stopped eating meat then and there. The same goes with alcohol, cigarettes and sugar," explains Susa Vehmas, 56.

Vehmaa's interest in medicine and healthy lifestyle meant she was also interested in Lumoral. She discovered Lumoral through an article she read on Facebook. 

"I got excited about the device, but it wasn't available yet, and I wanted to buy one as soon as it was released. After a few months, I finally got one," Vehmas says.

Although dental hygiene has generally improved in recent decades, oral diseases still cost hundreds of billions of euros every year worldwide. Dental health is known to predispose to more than 200 chronic diseases, including cardiovascular diseases and lung and rheumatic diseases. It has also been shown to increase the risk of several types of cancer.

The Lumoral dental hygiene method kills bacteria in dental plaque. It fights tooth decay by eliminating Streptococcus mutans bacteria, that causes tooth decay. It also targets bacteria that are linked to gingivitis and gum disease. In addition to using Lumoral, Vehmas also looks after her teeth meticulously.

"I brush my teeth regularly twice or even three times a day with an electric toothbrush. I also clean between the teeth with dental floss and an interdental brush. Although I have always cleaned my teeth thoroughly, my teeth feel much smoother and look whiter since I started using Lumoral," Vehmas says excitedly.

A healthy lifestyle is the most important thing

Vehmas says she was born at a time when dental care was not considered very important. 

"Both my parents got dentures at a young age. So, I'm curious to know what kind of ailments a person could avoid just by looking after their teeth and thus avoiding possible oral infections and maybe even memory disorders."

Taking care of her health is an integral part of her daily life. Vehmas exercises every day, including indoor rowing, weight training and jogging. 

"I have been lucky with work because the daily number of steps during a workday almost always exceeds 30,000 steps," says Vehmas, who works as a catering steward on Tallink Silja cruise ship.

So far, Vehmas has succeeded well in keeping herself fit and avoiding "almost all" colds and stomach bugs raging in the community and workplace. Some time ago, however, she was told by her orthopaedist that she was suffering from such severe hip osteoarthritis that surgery was the only possible treatment available for her.

"According to the doctor, the problem would have started to bother me a long time ago if I hadn't exercised regularly. Even in this case, good dental care is a "must", as they might have had to postpone the surgery if there had been any infections in the mouth."

LED light for teeth 2–3 times a week

Caring for her teeth is also essential to Vehmas for appearance reasons. Frequent eating, and especially eating fruits containing acids that consume tooth enamel, have visibly affected her teeth.

"My teeth have never been especially beautiful, but I have still tried to look after them as well as I can. I have had some trouble with my teeth. After I changed dentists thirty years ago, the new dentist asked me gently if I suffered from an eating disorder.

I have always had a healthy appetite, and so I was surprised by the question. When I said I eat a lot of fruit, the dentist explained that the acidity of the fruit could consume tooth enamel. The effect is similar in bulimia when a person vomits frequently. Since then, I have always eaten a piece of cheese or drunk a glass of sour milk after eating fruit!"

Vehmas bought Lumoral for herself and her family. She uses Lumoral at least twice a week.

"Dental health and a healthy lifestyle are important to me. I have considered purchasing a second Lumoral unit which I could take to work with me. So far, I have left the device home for my family to use."

Susanna Vehmas, 56
Family: Husband and daughter
Profession: Catering steward
Lives in: Lepaa, Hattula